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ِAfro-Asian University: A Beacon of Hope for Higher Education

In implementation of the decision of the Assembly and the Third General Assembly and the Fourth Executive Council issued in the minutes of the meeting for the third session on July 23, 2018 AD, which includes the establishment of a university under the name of the Afro-Asian University that expresses the scientific and knowledge unity of the two continents and contributes to the promotion of common human denominators.

The plan shown below reflects in its brief contents the stage of establishing the university and its objectives, completing its administrative, scientific, technical and knowledge requirements and supplies, and fulfilling the elements and standards of its international academic start in preparation for the establishment of branches or universities corresponding to it in a number of African and Asian countries based on the same rules and standards according to which the university was established in the context of the research, taking into account The nature, specifics and needs of the workspaces of the countries that are established on their lands and the extent to which the needs of the labor markets, government institutions and societies in those countries are related, as well as their need for scientific and knowledge specializations
The Afro-Asian University is the first university to provide quality education that is universal, inclusive and easily accessible, as well as grounded in social justice, fairness, equality and international cohesion through a holistic scope that transcends all barriers.

In pursuit of the Union of Afro-Asian Universities (UAAU) in providing its scientific, knowledge, research and academic services through achieving an effective partnership between universities and academic institutions and members of the Union and individuals supporting the educational process and contributors motivated by literacy, fighting ignorance and backwardness, achieving a scientific and cognitive renaissance, and benefiting from the minds and competencies of scientists and those interested in obtaining science and knowledge in the continent of Africa and Asia to fill the deficit and complete the needs in different specialties and reduce the scientific and knowledge gap between the people of the two continents and provide educational services at the highest level of existence through e-learning and direct education according to various curricula and decisions that meet the needs of the labor market and address contemporary reality issues with the introduction of modernity and skills development and activation of technological means in all The fields and disciplines, and the use of interactive and stimulating teaching methods, the development of the self of the teacher and the learner, and the achievement of outputs that are linked between consideration and application in a positive and effective manner, through study laboratories that include different and varied teaching and learning patterns.

The strategy of the UAAU is to establish a “Afro-Asian University” in the first place to provide a homogeneous scientific environment that meets the desire of all groups, classes, age, financial and physical levels in educational attainment, whether in developing or developed countries, and to provide them with skills and knowledge to be productive members of society and supportive of the advancement of their country.

The Afro-Asia University (AAU) is the first university to provide quality education that is global, inclusive and easily accessible; in addition to that it is based on social justice, equity, equality and international cohesion through a comprehensive scope that transcends all barriers.
We encourage educational opportunities and social justice by providing high-quality university education to all who wish to achieve their aspirations and achieve their potential, through academic research, educational innovation and collaborative partnership, and we strive to be the world’s leaders in designing educational programs and providing open, subsidized education away from profitability or gains Finance, where the Union’s vision is to enable all our students to achieve their goals by providing a distinguished education by building the best possible educational experience through various and multiple educational methods, and this will provide our students with the upper hand in learning techniques by our insistence on continuous updating and development of teaching methods and creating methods New, exciting and beneficial for our students during the study, as we aspire to graduate students with competence, excellence and leadership to be at the forefront and have the ability to compete constructively positive globally, where after graduation they have acquired exceptional knowledge to achieve their lofty aspirations with confidence, willingness and highly effective qualifications.

Based on the profound faith and the moral, human and scientific responsibility of every university, academic and scientific institution in order to increase its scientific, developmental and human influence within its local, national, regional, international and humanitarian community as a whole; In order for its mission and goals to be achieved according to the highest international levels, and to activate the self-capabilities of each university, which stands as an obstacle in achieving the required aspirations – and it is necessary to think institutionally and collectively to achieve constructive partnership between a large number of universities, institutions and individuals with common scientific, intellectual and human visions; To come up with a scientific and practical formula that achieves the desired presence of serious and meaningful education that meets the aspirations of the people of the two continents; Not only nationally, but also regionally, globally, and humanely, to present an integrated picture about science and its impact on the individual, the universe, and life, starting from common mosques that we seek to maximize according to one vision, which motivated us to work to establish the “Afro-Asia University” given the two mosques Common to many things; Like religion, language, history, geography, blood ties, one common fate and human values among many of its countries, it is not clear to everyone what Africa constitutes of the aforementioned elements for Asia at the time of the emergence of the sun of knowledge throughout history and what these two civilizations recorded are still a ray of all nations and civilizations.

The establishment of the university has been approved by the Somali Ministry of Higher Education No: WWWHTS / AHTS /06 / 147 / 2022 (AAU)