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Welcome to the Office of Cooperation and International Relations at Afro-Asian University!

Mission :

Our mission is to foster global engagement and collaboration, connecting Afro-Asian University with institutions, organizations, and communities worldwide. Through our strategic partnerships and international agreements, we aim to enhance educational opportunities, promote cultural exchange, and contribute to the global academic community.


Objectives :

– Facilitate International Collaboration: We establish and maintain partnerships with universities, research institutions, and organizations around the world.
– Promote Cultural Exchange: Through various programs and initiatives, we encourage cultural understanding and exchange among our students and staff.
– Support Academic Mobility:We provide opportunities for students and faculty to participate in exchange programs, joint research projects, and international conferences.
– Enhance Educational Programs:By collaborating with our international partners, we aim to enrich our curriculum and offer diverse perspectives in education and research.


Services : 

– International Consultations:We offer individual and group consultations for students and faculty about international opportunities, including exchange programs and scholarships.
-Workshops and Training Courses: We organize workshops and training courses to develop the skills needed for success in international environments, such as cross-cultural communication and international research preparation.
– Cultural Exchange Support:We provide logistical and advisory support for international students and faculty, ensuring a rich and integrated educational experience.


Key Agreements and Partnerships : 

Afro-Asian University is proud to have a wide array of agreements with prestigious institutions and organizations around the world. These partnerships enable us to offer unique opportunities and resources to our university community.

1.Student Exchange Programs: We have active exchange programs with universities in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas, allowing our students to study abroad and gain invaluable international experience.
2. Research Collaborations: Our faculty members collaborate with international researchers on groundbreaking projects, contributing to global knowledge and innovation.
3. Dual Degree Programs: In partnership with select universities, we offer dual degree programs that provide students with the chance to earn degrees from both Afro-Asian University and our partner institutions.
4. Cultural Exchange Initiatives: We organize and participate in cultural exchange programs, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation between different cultures.
5. International Conferences and Workshops:Our partnerships enable us to host and participate in global conferences and workshops, bringing together experts and scholars from around the world.


Recent Partnerships :

We are proud to announce our recent partnership with Google for Education. This collaboration allows us to leverage the latest educational technologies and tools from Google, enhancing our learning experience and providing new opportunities for our students and faculty in e-learning and research.
Get Involved

We encourage students, faculty, and staff to take advantage of the opportunities offered through our international agreements. Whether you’re interested in studying abroad, engaging in research, or participating in cultural exchanges, the Office of Cooperation and International Relations is here to support you.


Contact Us :

For more information about our programs and how to get involved, please contact us at: